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Meet Our Cheese-maker

Adrian making cheese
Adrian making cheese

Our Head Cheese-maker

Adrian Buff is the Head Cheese-maker at  Ludwig Farmstead Creamery. Adrian was born in the highest city in Europe, Davos, Switzerland. At the age of 7 his parents, Heinz and Vroni Buff, decided to emigrate from Switzerland because of the large amounts of regulations concerning their small dairy farm. Heinz and Vroni settled in Southern Missouri, where they bought a dairy farm.  They named the farm Grison Dairy Farm, after the kanton of Grison in Switzerland.

Education and Training

Adrian attended 1st -12th Grade in Ava, Missouri. Due to the Visa situation at that time, he decided to return to Switzerland and enroll in a 3-year apprenticeship as a European Dairy Technologist. The program allowed him to work 4 days a week on an actual operating dairy plant and attend class one day each week. He managed to get work at Napf Chäsi, in Luthern, Switzerland. The medium sized plant specialized in many products including Emmentaler (Swiss), Washed Rind (ranging from Semi-hard to Hard), Blooming Rind, Extra-hard Cheese, Goat Cheese, Quark, Yogurt, Milk, Cream and Butter. Adrian graduated from BBZN-Sursee in the top 10 percent of his class.

Service and Career

After finishing school Adrian’s father, Heinz, needed a hip replacement.  Adrian returned home to Missouri to run the farm while his father was recovering.  After Heinz recovered, Adrian traveled to South America, where he learned Spanish. He backpacked through Perú, Ecuador and Colombia for 10 weeks, before returning to Switzerland to join the Swiss Army and complete his Basic Training. Most Swiss Citizens are still required to join the Army. Adrian was placed in the Kitchen and was trained as a Troops cook.

Immediately after serving in the Swiss Army, Adrian went to work for Bergkäseri Marbach-Schangnau in Marbach,Switzerland. The large plant produces Switzerland Swiss, a low fat cheese (further processed in Germany to flavored spreadable cheeses), Buffalo Mozzarella and other Buffalo and Cow specialty cheeses.

Adrian was fortunate and won the Diversity Green Card Lottery, and he was able to return to the United States in 2015. He joined Ludwig Farmstead Creamery in October of 2015 and was promoted to Head Cheese-maker shortly after . His hobbies include traveling; He has visited 21 Countries including Ireland, England, Finland, Estonia, Egypt, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Australia and New Zealand and others. He also is a breeder of Registered Brown Swiss Cattle; 4 of which are currently housed at Ludwig Farms, with the rest housed at his father’s farm in Missouri.  Adrian also enjoys cooking.adrian-3